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About Us

We are deep tech company, developing technology products which are inherently enabled with artificial intelligence.
With our APIs and customizable hosted products, we allow legacy and developing software to make use of AI modules readily available in market.


Our APIs, products and services expose deep tech via simple RESTful APIs. Allowing end user product teams to focus on business problems.

  • Easy to integrate. We have done the hard work, its easy for you now!
  • Call APIs or Off the Shelf SaaS Product
  • Deep Tech Enabled

All our APIs are readily consumable. Our experts help companies innovate and focus on performance while we do the heavy lifting behind the scene.

Our products have been created by highly qualified engineers and designers which support integration with a multitude of platforms and stacks.

Top Products

AComm AI

AINE Communicate is an AI Chatbot which can communicate to users via text or voice. AComm AI can be customized with a Persona and deployed as a customer facing Chatbot.

AConnect IoT

AINE Connect IoT Suite is a ready to use pack of software tools to connect devices and then monitor, program and control via Online Dashboard.

ACash Cryptocurrency

AINE Tokens (ACash) Suite allows disbursal and management of equity in terms of tradable cryptocurrency which is backed by Blockchain, with an easy to use interface for various types of stakeholders.

ACloud API

AINE Cloud API is the core API based platform for clients to enable software with Machine Learning and Artificical Intelligence capabilities.

LINKS: Learning Integration and Knowledge Sharing

An AI Enabled Knowledge Management and Networking Platform customizable for Corportates and Schools

Link Sharing between users (e.g. Employess / Students). Knowledge repository maintained and broadcasted to users based on users profile.

Analytics Enabled at every stage to reduce human interventions required.

ARP: AINE Recommendation Platform

Homogeneous System of APIs, mashed up services integrated to allow uniform experience across different functional suites

Comprehensive Array of Services across all artificial integlligence technologies

Easy to Use documentation to access any API for prototyping and integration into legacy software

BIARA: Business Intelligence and Risk Analysis Platform

Uncover information embedded in legacy data and create new classes of intelligent products

Analyze data, big data, logs and files for reporting across historical data

Deep Learning of varied data to create meaningful outputs. Use of Natural Language Processing, Text and Data Mining easily to reveal patterns using State of Art Analytics Tools

How we solve

We take a multi-pronged approach to analyze and suggest implementations for best results


We identify the constrains of the present solution, leeway available and scope of use of deep technology


We use the ready to use APIs and our suite of products to prototype possible solutions and benefits


Based on the analysis and prototype, we solutions to choose an optimum combination


Finally, we implement solutions which provides the best results and integrate with any existing tools

Embrace Change

It is no longer enough to just adapt. Business of Future need to embrace change. We help businesses implement easily, deep technologies like AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain, with quick return on investment.


Our mission is to empower businesses with easy to integrate, powerful and affordable deep technology solutions.

Partner with us and benefit from our expertise, intelligent A.I.-driven technology and data.

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+1 646 912 8759

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